Hey everyone!  I know its been a long time again since I've written a blog post- I am at least keeping up with 1 post per year, I am trying to work on writing more! 

Before we get into what a year 2020 has been, here's a full recap of the end of 2019:

End of 2019 Full Update:

  • We ended the year with 234 orders which exceeded our expecations
  • Our shop grew an overall 35%- HUGE! 
  • We had an exceptional year, and were tagged in so many of your gorgeous photos! Thank you so much! 

  • I also completely switched careers saying goodbye to the floral business (which I did full time for 10 years) over to a position working at a sports company- I've never looked back, and never been happier! 

Now for the 2020 Update: 

  • We started the year with a campaign to help relieve the wildfires in Australia- we donated 15% of proceeds in January to the Wildlife Warriors campaign and helped send over $200 with all of your help! 

  • We had our best February to date and were up 153% - I also turned 30 years old! 

  • March was scary- that's when the pandemic started wiping through the US- sales started to drop off (which was completely expected) 

  • April- August- same thing, our numbers were down about 40% (which again, was completely expected, and honestly I was surprised it wasn't worse) We also went through a breakup at this time- we were together 4 1/2 years but honestly with everything in 2020 it feels like a lifetime ago! 

  • September- December- sales started to pick up for the holidays- we're still ending this year in awe of how many people got to open our jewelry for Christmas, and we're so happy to begin 2021! 

  • Our shark tooth necklace continues to be our best selling item - we absolutely love it too! It should be back in stock for Valentine's Day! 

So what's next for The Salty Shell?

  • We updated our packaging- we are using recycled boxes for our jewelry, and added cute stickers to our packaging that says "Happy Mail from The Salty Shell" - we're obsessed with them! 

  • We're going to be launching a new collection shortly- we can't say much except for that its out of this world! 

  • That's really all for now  -  I hope you stay safe and healthy and that 2021 is on the up!